We Stock Pratt & Lambert, Cabot, Minwax, and Wolman Paint, Primers, Stains, and Wood Finishes

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Welcome to the Honor Building Supply Paint Department. 
We stock a complete line of high quality paint, primer, interior/exterior stains and wood finishes from Pratt and Lambert, Cabot, Minwax, and Wolman. We offer computer color matching, latex paint recycling, and a clean comfortable space to sit and plan your color scheme. Our Paint Dept. staff has a combined 100 years of paint experience.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get your next painting project done. We have supplied hundreds of homes, inside and out, with our full lines of painting products. Please come on in and see us for all your painting needs.

Interior Paint

Pratt and Lambert Accolade

Pratt & Lambert, Accolade is our highest quality interior paint and primer in one. It is an acrylic waterborne that is easy to maintain, has excellent coverage, and has a rich flowing formula with anti-splatter qualities. Excellent stain blocking properties, very durable, washable and scrubbable. Learn More

Pratt and Lambert Aquanamel

Pratt & Lambert, Aquanamel is our leading quality cabinet, door and trim paint. A paint and primer in one, it is a waterborne alkyd enamel, it performs as an oil-based paint. Hard durable finish, uniform superior leveling smooth finish with no brush marks. Learn More

Best Look Paint

Best Look paint and primer in one is made by Sherwin Williams, it compares to Super Paint. It is a latex formula. It is lite spatter, stain resistant, and no fade. Covers most colors with one coat, holds up well to sunlight. Quick dry time and easy soap and water clean-up, washable and scrubbable. Learn More

Exterior Paint

Pratt and Lambert Accolade

Accolade is our highest quality exterior paint,and primer in one it is 100% acrylic. It features excellent hide and durability, stain resistant. It also provides a mildew resistant coating. It Can be applied at temperatures down to 35 degrees fahrenheit. Learn More

Best Look Exterior Paint Can

Best Look paint and primer in one is made by Sherwin Williams. It is 100% acrylic resin, resistant to fading, peeling and blistering. I has excellent durability and colorfast performance. Is a mildew resistant product that can also be applied at temperatures down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn More

Interior Stain

Old Masters Stain

Old Masters Interior Stain and Finishes is our highest quality interior stain, can be used on wood, metal and fiberglass. Can also be used as a glaze and has deep rich colors. In addition to the stain, Old Masters has water based and oil based polyurethanes, marine and spar varnishes and spar urethanes. Learn More

Minwax Stain

Minwax Interior Stain is a household name, it has light colors that enhance the wood grain. They also have a stain and poly mix called Polyshades for a faster time line. Minwax has an excellent price point. Learn More

Exterior Stain

Ready Seal stain can

Ready Seal is an exterior stain and sealer in one. Ready Seal's oils penetrate deeply into the wood moisturizing the wood fibers, creating a flexible barrier that moves with the wood to seal out moisture. Ready Seal features a "Goof Proof" formulation that makes application a breeze. No need to back brush! Ready Seal is self leveling so there is no need to worry about runs, laps or streaks! Learn More

Cabot Stains

Cabot Exterior Stain is our highest quality exterior stain. Available in solid, semi-solid, semi-transparent, Deck Correct, Australian Timber Oil and woodtoned stain. Some selections come in true oil based or acrylic latex finishes. Learn More

Best Look Exterior Stain

Do it Best Best Look Stain, is an excellent choice for a better price point. It is available in oil base semi-transparent, latex semi-transparent and acrylic latex solid colors. Excellent UV protection, mildew and scuff resistant. Learn More

Wolman F&P

Wolman RainCoat and F&P Finish, RainCoat is a clear true oil based finish designed to protect against water and mildew. Can be applied to newly installed wood. F&P Finish is a true oil based product available in 3 colors. It provides UV, water and mold and mildew.Learn More

Floor Paint

Best Look Floor Paint

Do it Best, Best Look Floor Paint, is available in Floor and Porch acrylic latex and alkyd polyurethane. It is available in a wide range of colors. Garage floor paint is available in acrylic latex in light and dark gray. Learn More